Engaging training generates drive and momentum!

If your team are going to take days away from the workshop and the shop floor, for training, it has to be worth the time and investment. We wouldn’t want to sit in a classroom in front of a PowerPoint screen and a lifeless presenter, so we would never put anyone else through that pain.

The fact is, that people learn best in engaging, interactive, enjoyable and practical environments. So, that is what we create. And research has proven that relevant, interesting, fast-paced and well-presented training is retained (and actually implemented) much more than dull days in a classroom. So, we do that too…

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  • Advanced sales and communication techniques
  • Team building, motivation and generating momentum
  • Dealership consultancy and creating a team vision
  • Prospecting and Customer Relationship Management
  • Excelling in management, leadership and development
  • Industry leading product launch training
  • Specialist Motorshow training and staff recruitment techniques
Motor Industry - Motiv8 Training International