Turning events into experiences with lasting effects…

When events turn into experiences, they become an investment in the future of everyone who attends them. Simply going along to an event makes it no more than a cost and, quite literally, a waste of everyone’s time… The event must firstly be organised taking account of health and safety consideration so attendees feel safe and secure. When they arrive, the event must involve them and inspire action from them – before and afterwards.

Motiv8 events start the moment we talk with you about your objectives and identify the outcomes you are looking to achieve. The next stage is planning an event which is solely focused on those targets. Finally, we pull together the best team in the industry and deliver an experience that engages, inspires and improves the performance of your staff.

Unless it’s outstanding it’s not even an event.

Stage 1: Defining your objectives and planning all aspects of the event including delegate movement and safety onsite. 

Stage 2: Designing, building, dressing, lighting, sound and visuals

Stage 3: Choosing the perfect team and immersing them in your business

Stage 4: Delivering a game-changing experience on the day

Stage 5: After-event activities and support services

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