What would happen if all your sales people performed 10% better?

Successful selling requires expertise in two main skill sets: Clarity of message and people who can communicate that clarity. So, successful sales training needs to focus on perfecting the same two attributes: Message and people skills. It is not true that anyone can be taught to sell: it takes a certain type of person. But we have proven time and time again that good sales people can be transformed into exceptional ones through first class training.

Our experience has also shown that well-trained, engaged and successful sales people will stay working for you for longer. Invest in quality training and the sales staff retention will support customer retention for many years to come.

What about the 10% better?

Training starts with clarity of message. You tell us the results you are looking for, we’ll tell you if they are realistic and then we’ll work out a plan to get you a result. 10% seemed like a good place to start, but if we agree it’s possible, why not aim for 30, 40 or 50%.  

Call on 01442 819396 to define a new standard that we can help your sales people to achieve.

  • The latest face-to-face selling skills
  • Advanced telephone sales and techniques
  • Developing outstanding call centre teams
  • Mastering negotiation and closing
  • Business development and account management
  • NLP and behavioural analysis training
  • Conflict management and handling difficult situations
  • Enhanced presentation skills techniques
  • Building better sales staff retention
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